Multi licenses management

    The xCore architecture provides for the possibility of centralizing the management of licenses within a local network in two different ways:

  • Use of the xCoreNET device - This configuration is suitable for the management of a limited number of clients, normally between 10 and 15 licenses.
  • Use of the xCore Network Service - Installed on a server to which one or more xCore devices are connected (both USB and Ethernet), the service allows you to manage a very large number of clients, taking advantage of the workload distribution on many xCore devices.

NOTE - In the case of volume license management, the code executed on board the xCore device must be the same for all licensed applications.

xCoreNET: limited number of clients

     In the event that the number of clients is limited (10 ~ 15) it will be possible to use the xCoreNET device connected directly within the local network or in any case reachable through a specific IP and a port.

xCore Network Service

    xCore Network Service is a service for Windows that allows you to centrally manage any number of licenses in a network, using one or more xCore devices, both USB and Ethernet.

     The program manages the xCore devices connected to the machine on which it is running and associates each one with a port (TCP and/or UDP) in order to allow clients on the network to connect to the device and use the available license.

     It will not be necessary to make any changes to the application but simply to provide for the possibility of connecting to a network device already in the integration phase if the USB device connected to the PC is not found.

     The following image shows how to share the xCore device configured to manage a maximum of 64 licenses.

    If you need to manage more licenses, you can use multiple devices of the xCore family, regardless of the type of device (USB or Ethernet).